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Established in 2014, Gallery by Sky One Art Investment (天一画殿.陈有炳书屋) houses masterpieces from a myriad of mediums such as Chinese ink paintings, oil paintings or sculptures of the renowned multi-disciplinary Singaporean artist, Mr. Tan Oe Pang in the iconic BreadTalk IHQ building, which certainly adds style and pizzazz to the dull and utilitarian industrial area of Tai Seng.

The gallery also participates actively in auction events by CHRISTIE’S and Sotheby’s; and provides art consultation services as well.

Gallery by Sky One Art Investment is the main representative of the outreach activities and administrative matters of the masterpieces of Mr. Tan Oe Pang. Our mission is to present the best contemporary Chinese art to the worldwide audience.


To be an exemplary advocate of authentic Chinese art appreciation to local and international audiences through the works of Mr. Tan Oe Pang.


The gallery will utilise its space as a platform for advocacy by providing immersive and exciting exhibitions of Mr. Tan Oe Pang’s masterpieces, curated to its finest. It will strive to venture into more platforms to reach out to its audiences.

Tan Oe Pang 陈有炳 Biography

Tan Oe Pang (b. 1947, Singapore) is a gifted multi-disciplinary artist residing in Singapore. Growing up in a predominantly Chinese culture, Tan was exposed to other races in the multi-racial Singaporean society. In fact, his exposure is seen in his works where he has stylised Singaporean local culture into traditional Chinese ink paintings.

Tan's artistry began with traditional Chinese ink paintings harnessed under the tutelage of the third generation master of the Hai discipline, Fan Chiang Qian. His painting styles are unique and bold where he pushes the boundaries in Chinese paintings. Subsequently, Tan's artistry developed where his adventurous and versatile nature opened up his horizons in exploring with various mediums such as Chinese paintings, oil paintings, calligraphy, poetry and seal engraving.

It is clear that Tan is one of the harbingers in blending Eastern and Western art techniques. With his skilful abilities, he has clinched numerous awards such as the President Efficiency Award (1975), Works of Excellence Award in Beijing International Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition (1988) and the International Grand Master and Paragon Award by PCPS Academy (1995)

In addition, Tan has led an illustrious career in holding exhibitions at International Biennial of Arts São Paulo, Brazil (1985); Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Paintings, Beijing (1987); the International Biennial of Arts Valparaiso, Chile (1989), and Goethe Institute, Singapore (1992).

Grounded and humble, Tan believes in nurturing budding artist in Singapore and has donated his paintings to established organisations such as National Art Gallery Singapore.

1975 Obtained President Efficiency Award
1988 One of his works, A Han Acrobatics, was awarded Works of Excellence in Beijing International Ink and Wash Painting Exhibition.
1995 Obtained the International Grand Master and Paragon Award by PCPS Academy, Taiwan